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What Is A Live Edge Dining Table?

What Is A Live Edge Dining Table?

What Is A Live Edge Dining Table?

The trend of live edge furniture is becoming more and more popular, especially among those who appreciate natural and rustic styles.

So what is a live edge dining table?

Basically, it is a piece of furniture that features the natural edges of the wood still intact. (Hence the term “live edge.”) This means that instead of having perfectly straight table edges, the dining table will have some bumps, ridges, and curves where the tree’s bark used to be.

Let’s take a closer look at how live edge dining tables are made, what types there are, and the benefits of owning one.

How live edge tables are made

If you were to inspect a wooden log, you would notice that the outside is much different than the inside. The bark is rough and full of irregular lines, while the inner portion is smooth and nearly perfect.

Typically, the wood used for furniture is cut out of the inner portion of the log, giving the furniture a smooth finish. With live edge dining tables, however, the outer part of the log is also included, leaving the natural edges of the wood intact.

Once a solid slab is cut out of the wood, it is not yet ready for processing. Wood slabs need to dry out for 3-12 months, depending on the thickness of the slab and the type of drying involved. At Bali Teak Collective, we dry our slabs using air drying exclusively. This takes a longer time than drying in a heated kiln, but it ensures our slabs are chemical-free and of the highest quality.

After it has dried, the live edge wood slab is then ready for the next step.

The edges and surfaces are sanded down, and the surface is finished with a sealant. Some people prefer to leave the wood’s natural finish untouched, while others choose to stain or paint the table a certain color.

Live edge vs. bark edge

Live edge furniture is not the same as bark edge furniture.

Bark edge furniture has the entire bark of the tree still attached to the wood, while live edge furniture has only the outer layer of the tree still intact (without the bark).

The tree’s bark is usually removed from live edge wood because it can be a source of decay. It falls off over time, leading to cleanliness and tidiness issues if left on the table.

Live edge dining table types

All live edge dining tables have the same components – the same as the components of most other kitchen tables:

  • Table top with a natural edge wood border, and
  • Table base (table legs)

These components come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

  • Rectangular table top and base
  • Square table top and base
  • Oval table top and base
  • Round table top and base
  • Irregular table top and base, and more

The table top and base shape can also be combined in various ways, such as a rectangular table with round corners or an oval table with square legs. It is also important to emphasize that a live edge table top does not have to have a wooden base. The base can be made of metal, stone, or other material.

Many different wood types can be used for live edge pieces, such as oak, maple, cherry, walnut, etc.

Each type of wood has its own color, pattern, and texture that will add character to your space.

At Bali Teak Collective, we specialize in live edge dining tables made from ethically sourced, sustainable wood. Since we are based in Bali, we focus on woods local to the area, such as teak and Suar wood. These solid wood types are unique and have a beautiful, vibrant finish that will add charm to any room.

Benefits of owning live edge dining tables

There are many different benefits to owning a live edge table.

Firstly, they are very unique and will definitely stand out in any room. They add a touch of natural beauty to any space, perfect for those who appreciate rustic and minimalist styles. Each piece of live edge slab is one of a kind, meaning that no two tables will ever be the same.

Secondly, because more of a tree is used, live edge dining tables are considered more environmentally friendly than traditional furniture. This is especially true when the wood is ethically sourced in a sustainable way. If you are ecologically conscious, live edge dining tables are a great option.

Thirdly, live edge tables are very sturdy and durable. Since they are made from natural wood, they will not warp or bow over time as some manufactured materials can.

Finally, live edge design tables are a great conversation starter. Everyone will want to know where you got your amazing table and what the story behind it is.

Getting a live edge dining table can be an investment, but it is definitely worth making. They will last for many years and will add a touch of organic, earthy beauty to your home.


The craze for live edge furniture is just starting to take off, but it is one that is here to stay. A live edge represents the natural beauty of the wood, and there is simply no comparison to the beauty of a live edge dining table.

Before you make a final decision on your future live edge dining room table, there are a few things to take into account, such as the shape of your table as well as the type of wood you choose. But with the right accessories, live edge furniture can be the perfect addition to any room in your home.

If you are looking for a unique and sustainable way to furnish your home, then a live edge dining table is a perfect choice. At Bali Teak Collective, we specialize in beautiful and affordable live edge dining tables made from ethically sourced wood.

Contact us today! We would be happy to answer any questions and help you find the perfect table for your space.



What Is A Live Edge Dining Table?