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Tumpang Bookshelf Divider


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The Tumpang Bookshelf Divider is not limited to just books. Its versatile design makes it suitable for displaying decorative items, storing media devices, or showcasing your favorite collectibles. The spacious shelves can accommodate various sizes of objects, allowing you to create a personalized and curated display.

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The Tumpang Bookshelf Divider is a unique and functional piece of furniture that serves as both a bookshelf and a room divider. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this versatile piece adds style and organization to any space in your home.


Designed with modern aesthetics in mind, the Tumpang Bookshelf Divider features a sturdy metal frame that provides stability and durability. The open shelving design allows for easy access to your books, decor items, or other belongings, while the geometric pattern adds a touch of contemporary flair to your interior.


Not only does the Tumpang Bookshelf Divider provide ample storage space, but it also serves as a practical room divider. Whether you want to create separate zones in an open-concept living area or add privacy to a shared space, this bookshelf divider offers a stylish solution. Its freestanding design allows for easy placement and rearrangement, giving you the flexibility to adapt your space as needed.


Elevate your interior with the Tumpang Bookshelf Divider and enjoy a clutter-free and beautifully organized space.

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Dimensions 118 × 16 × 88.5 in


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