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About Us


At Bali Teak Collective, our mission is to deliver to our customers the unique experience of Balinese artistry and island lifestyle. We strive to elevate local artisans and celebrate the innate craftsmanship and distinct style of Bali and its surrounding islands. The real beauty of our products is in their authenticity. As the world becomes smaller and more connected, our ultimate goal is to deliver a one-of-a-kind product experience that captures the breathtaking beauty and mystique of this magical island.


Bali Teak Collective, founded by Dr. Zach LaBoube and Josh Hotz, is a cooperative that specializes in sourcing and offering high-quality, handcrafted furniture and decor inspired by the beauty and culture of Southeast Asia. Dr. Zach LaBoube, an internationally based chiropractor, author, and world traveler, developed a deep appreciation for the unique craftsmanship and aesthetics found in Bali and the surrounding region. His love for the local culture, people, and landscape, combined with the desire to share the island lifestyle with loved ones in the United States, led to the creation of Bali Teak Collective.

The cooperative’s collection features a wide range of custom pieces, including beautifully carved daybeds, massive slab tables, reclaimed teak wood door frames, and more. These items are not only visually appealing but also functional, showcasing the elegance and practicality of materials such as teak, suar, and monkeypod. Each piece reflects the character and attention to detail that tells a story of Southeast Asia.

Beyond offering stunning furniture and decor, Bali Teak Collective has a mission to support the island economy, especially in the post-Covid era, and to promote sustainable and responsible practices. The cooperative sources its products from various Indonesian islands, seeking out unique and well-crafted items created by artisans with generations of experience in furniture crafting.

Bali Teak Collective has showrooms in Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Lake of the Ozarks, making these unique and handcrafted pieces more accessible to customers. The cooperative constantly updates its catalog with new finds and offers both one-of-a-kind pieces and custom orders. One notable aspect is that their prices are competitive, offering high-quality items well below standard retail prices found with other high-end importers.

Throughout the entire process, from working with local Balinese artisans to manufacturing on Java and shipping to the Port of Long Beach, California, Bali Teak Collective is committed to ensuring that every order, whether big or small, arrives at your door with plenty of TLC and good island vibes. ~Terima kasih. 

Teak furniture manufacturing
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We salvage the weathered teak from old boats and joglo houses, giving it new life as custom furniture. Nothing is wasted. It can always be re-purposed.


No-one is more protective of their island than the Balinese. We are SVLK Certified, meaning our non-reclaimed wood products are cut from fallen trees or government-regulated developments.


We are hands on through the entire process. Our goal is to deliver more than your furniture, but the experience and charm of the island and it's lovely people.



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Bali, Indonesia


Sales & Business Development
Los Angeles, St. Louis and Lake of the Ozarks



BTC’s unwavering commitment to ensuring our customers’ complete satisfaction is reflected in our robust 12-month warranty policy, which covers any structural defects that may arise from the date of delivery to your warehouse, store, or hotel. With an impressive 98.72% success rate in 2022, we are confident in our ability to consistently deliver superior products and service. For your reference, we have provided some of the key provisions of our warranty policy below.

All our clients are entitled to a replacement free of charge for a major failure or a financial discount for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage on a future order on the particular product in subject. Replacement or financial discounts will be subjective to BTC’s personal judgement of the claim.