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Teak is the Supreme Wood for Long Lasting, Beautiful Outdoor Furniture

When furnishing your outdoor space, teak is the number one option. Whether it’s your beach home, ski villa, or backyard pool area, teak wood has all the natural qualities to withstand the harshest environments. Below are a few reasons why: 1. Durability: Teak wood is highly durable and weather resistant due to it’s natural oils. […]

How Is Our Teak So Much Lower Than the Rest?  Let Me Show You How.

As I was researching teak before getting into the business, I noticed it was all very expensive and when I saw teak at a discount my first thought was, “That must be poor quality”.  It was human nature to think that!  So, when first coming to the U.S. market we had a decision to make.  […]

Suar Wood vs Teak Wood: Main Differences

Suar Wood vs Teak Wood: Main Differences

When it comes to choosing wood for your live edge furniture, the options can be overwhelming.  Two popular choices are Suar and Teak wood, but what are the main differences between them? How do you decide which one is the best fit for your needs?  You might be wondering about the price, appearance, durability, and […]

Suar vs Monkeypod: Why Suar Is Better

Suar vs Monkeypod: Why Suar Is Better

Are you in the market for a live edge table but can’t decide between Suar and Monkeypod wood? Are you not even sure what the difference between the two is? (Or maybe you didn’t even know there was a difference between the two.) You’re not alone.  Because they are two variants of the same species, […]

Suar Wood vs American Black Walnut: Which Furniture Wood To Choose

When it comes to choosing wood for your home furniture, there are countless options available, from the ever reliable oak to the eco-friendly bamboo. Two popular choices among woodworkers – and especially live edge furniture enthusiasts – are Suar wood and American Black Walnut.  Both woods have their own unique characteristics that make them suitable […]

Why You Need Suar Wood Furniture In Your Home

Suar wood is a type of hardwood that is prized for its beauty and durability.  The wood is sourced from the Suar tree (Albizia Saman), which is known for its size and a luscious canopy. There are several different varieties of Albizia Saman, depending on where it is grown. Suar wood is sourced from trees […]

Live Edge Dining Room Table: Styles To Choose From

Are you tired of the same old, mass-produced furniture that seems to dominate every home?  If you’re looking for something unique and stylish, a live edge dining room table might be what you need.   These one-of-a-kind pieces are made from a single piece of wood, expertly crafted to showcase the natural edge of the tree.  […]

What To Look For In A Live Edge Wood Dining Table?

Purchasing a live edge wood dining table can be a great decision for anyone looking to add beauty and uniqueness to their home.  These kitchen tables, which feature natural, organic edges and showcase the natural beauty of the natural wood grain, can be a striking addition to any dining room, living room, and study.  However, […]

How To Decorate A Rustic Live Edge Dining Table

How To Decorate A Rustic Live Edge Dining Table

Rustic style is a design aesthetic that incorporates natural, rough-hewn, and weathered elements into a space. It often has a warm, cozy, and homely feel and is inspired by nature, traditional craftsmanship, and the rural lifestyle. Decorating a live edge dining table in the rustic style can add character to any dining room.  Live edge […]