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How Is Our Teak So Much Lower Than the Rest?  Let Me Show You How.

How Is Our Teak So Much Lower Than the Rest?  Let Me Show You How.

As I was researching teak before getting into the business, I noticed it was all very expensive and when I saw teak at a discount my first thought was, “That must be poor quality”.  It was human nature to think that!  So, when first coming to the U.S. market we had a decision to make.  Should we price it in line with all the other teak furniture companies, or should we price it at a point that makes it affordable?  Our choice was to keep it affordable and let the consumer know and see how high-quality teak furniture can be yours without can be breaking the bank.

Our factory is based in Java, Indonesia, and has been in business for 28+ years.  It employs over 200 highly skilled individuals and ships over 15 containers a month all over the world.  You can see their work at many world-renowned hotels and in magazines.  36% of output goes to Australia, 27% USA, 18% to Belgium, 9% to France, and the remaining balance to other countries.  We are able to ship directly from the factory to your doorstep.

Bali Teak Collective consists of a very lean team.  Zach Laboube, Founder and Managing Partner, and Josh Hotz, Sales Director, and Managing Partner run the business with a lot of help from Paula Joanne Magpatoc our Marketing Manager.  There is not a lot of overhead and again, we pass those savings on to you.  

After reading, my hope is that you realize that you are getting high-quality teak furniture that will last a an unbelievable price!  Please always feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require more information.

Thank you for coming by and hope to see you soon!