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Live-Edge Slab Table


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Things to know about Indonesian Suar Wood:

Natural beauty: Suar wood is known for its rich, warm color and unique grain patterns, which give live edge tables a beautiful, organic look.

Durability: Suar wood is a dense and hard wood species, which makes it strong and durable, making it a suitable option for heavy-duty furniture like tables.

Stability: Kiln drying the suar wood helps to remove moisture, ensuring stability and reducing the risk of warping or cracking over time.

Affordable: Compared to other hardwoods like maple or oak, suar wood is more affordable, making it a cost-effective option for furniture makers and designers.

Sustainability: Suar wood is a fast-growing tree species and is harvested from sustainable sources, making it an environmentally responsible choice for live edge furniture.




Discover the beauty of nature with our premium quality kiln dried suar wood live edge slabs! Measuring at a thickness of 3 inches and length of 116″, these slabs are perfect for creating stunning pieces of furniture that will elevate any space. The live edge design showcases the unique grain patterns and organic curves of the wood, adding a touch of rustic charm to any project. With a careful kiln drying process, these slabs are stable and durable, ensuring a long-lasting and high-quality final product. Upgrade your furniture collection today with these stunning suar wood live edge slabs.

Kiln Dried to a moisture content of 10-12%
Surfaced and Flattened
Finished with Odies Super Penetrating Wood Oil and Wood Butter
Slabs can be cut to length to your desire

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 116 × 40 × 3 in

10', 13', 8'


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