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A partnership of creativity and excellence!

At Bali Teak Collective, we aim for exceptional quality, while embracing minimalism. Our goal is to craft items that demand fewer resources from our forests, all while maintaining our commitment to style and comfort.


The Story of Bali Teak Collective

Josh Hotz and Zach LaBoube’s relationship began as adversaries on the basketball court where they competed against one another in the small midwestern town of Washington, Missouri. Their friendship is now a life-long staple.

With prudence, Dr. Zach left his chiropractic practice in Singapore for his villa in Bali on March 18th 2020. Little did he know, the brewing pandemic would leave him stuck there for the remainder of the year. Via zoom calls with friends and family in the states, he was always questioned about the one-of-a-kind Balinese furniture that adorned his villa. With over 10 years of eCommerce experience following the publication of his book and development of his vitamin line, Dr. Zach saw an opportunity.

His first call was to Josh – and his vast experience in global logistics and corporate sales. With Zach’s flip-flops on the ground, relationships were being built throughout the Indonesian Islands. Combined with Josh’s logistical expertise, Bali Teak Collective was born. The first of its kind direct-to-consumer exotic furniture business.

Following Covid, Zach returned to the states. While awaiting his first container to arrive at the Port of Long Beach, Zach settled in the South Bay near his brother’s Sam’s golf studio called MNML on the corner of x and y. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the area, comparing it to the small-town community he grew up in – but with a beach, palm trees and year round beautiful weather.

Josh Hotz and Zach LaBoube's

From the arrival of container number one in February of 2022 (it was scheduled to arrive in November of ’21, but bottlenecks at the ports presented delays, prolonging Zach’s exposure to the surrounding charm) Bali Teak Collective has continued to grow – as well as the love that both Zach and Josh have for the cozy beach community. They are eager to become more ingrained in the South Bay and, one day, call it home.

Lisa and Zach at Gillis
Lisa and Zach at the 50th Anniversary of the Gillis

Lisa Atiken

Sales Representative

Lisa Atiken is a 40+ year South Bay Local. Through a love of beach culture, volleyball and small town community, she has created deep roots and long-lasting connections here in the beach cities.

After a long career in health care and freelance writing and editing. Lisa now represents BTC as the West Cost Sales Rep.


Nikki Beach • Monte Carlo
Kilo Kitchen • Bali, Indonesia
Ritz Carlton • Dubai
Hotel La Fuente • Ronda, Spain
Four Seasons • Miami
Padma Hotel • Bali, Indonesia
Masmara Resort • Bali, Indonesia
Avani Hotels • Maldives

Outdoor Collection

Discover our Outdoor Collection, featuring durable and stylish teak wood furniture designed to enhance any outdoor space. 

Interior Collection

Explore our Interior Collection, crafted from elegant teak wood to bring timeless sophistication and warmth to your indoor living spaces.

Heritage Collection

Experience the timeless beauty of our Heritage Collection, where each piece of teak wood furniture embodies rich tradition and exquisite craftsmanship.